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VideoClipboard  "The Smith Manoeuvre-Explained" 

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VideoClipboard  "The UnCanadian Way" 

VideoClipboard  "The RRSP Strategy" 

VideoClipboard  "The UnCanadian Way - Summary" 

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Hi, Neighbors! 

Just want to tell you how fortunate you are to have a sensible, level-headed guide through the maze of mortgage options that seems to be an inevitable result of home buying these days.

This guide is Mark Huber and he's written "The UnCanadian Way To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage And Create Wealth". 

Here in the Lower Forty-Eight, we could use somebody like that. 

Our mortgage industry has done a superb job of confusing consumers and persuading them to keep buying mortgage products with profits for the sellers but problems for the consumers.

"Great rates!" "Low up-front fees!" "See how our interest-only mortgage reduces your payment!" "Let your home pay for your new car!" "Refinance now!" 

Know what I mean? 

I'm a retired Real Estate Broker with 30 year's experience, so I feel qualified to comment on the subject. 

Take a careful look at "The UnCanadian Way To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage And Create Wealth".

Mark knows his subject inside-out and he's taken great care to give you the figures so you can evaluate his recommendations and judge for yourself. 

Working from the numbers is a very conservative way to approach the issue. 

That's why I call his book "a sensible, level-headed guide." 

No hype. No hiding inconvenient facts. T

here are advantages to having a mortgage. Not the least of which is getting rid of it -- profitably! 

It can be done. 

"The UnCanadian Way To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage And Create Wealth" shows you how. 

Mildred Harris, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA 



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 mark huber picture 

Mark Huber, Certified Financial Planner, Author 


Fact: Your mortgage is the biggest debt you will ever have.

Fact: How you deal with it will affect you & your family for the rest of your life...

Fact: Every dollar that you give your bank is a dollar you did not save or invest...